Being Muslim: A Practical Guide

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Title: Being Muslim: A Practical Guide
Author: Asad Tarsin/Foreword by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
ISBN: 978-0-9855659-2-3
Publisher: Sandala

A new book written to help Muslims live and practice their faith—to learn what Muslims believe, how we pray and fast, and worship our Lord in an appropriate manner. It highlights both our spiritual struggles and aspirations; how we can, on a daily basis, develop a healthy relationship with God, through both devotions and in ordinary daily life. This book is not meant to expound on abstract theoretical aspects of Islam, but to give readers practical and useful knowledge that can help them understand what it means to be Muslim.

This book is meant to give readers practical and useful knowledge that can help them understand what it means to be Muslim. Whether you are completely new to the religion or need to brush up on some of the basics, Being Muslim is an excellent guide to reconnect to the most essential aspects of Islam. The entire manual clearly explains the most fundamental aspects of the faith and assumes no background knowledge at all.

"…An immeasurable service to both Muslims and members of other faith communities...I would highly recommend this volume to anyone interested in knowing about Islam as the vast majority of Muslims have historically understood and lived it."
—Imam Zaid Shakir, Co-Founder, Zaytuna College

"Being Muslim is a great starting point for new Muslims or those newly committed to their faith. While no description of Islam is completely inclusive, the manual describes the practices and beliefs held by the majority of Muslims. I encourage the leadership of mosques and Islamic centers to use this book as a foundation for teaching Islam at the introductory level."
—Dr. Ingrid Mattson, Chair of Islamic Studies, Huron University College

“Being Muslim is the perfect book for newcomers to Islam. Dr. Tarsin brilliantly reconciles tradition with context in this clear, accessible manual...Being Muslim is simply unparalleled. If there’s a book that should be standard curriculum in our Mosques and communities, this is it.”
—Ustadh Usama Canon, Founding Director, Ta’leef Collective
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