Ibn Arabi and Kubrawis: The Reception of the School of Ibn ‘Arabi by Kubrawi Mystics

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Title: Ibn Arabi and Kubrawis: The Reception of the School of Ibn ‘Arabi by Kubrawi Mystics
ISBN: 9781941610077
Publisher: Fons Vitae

This unique and important work work examines the influence of the school of Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi on the well-known Kubrawi masters. This path-breaking book is a study of major Kubrawi works and the manner in which the Kubrawis approached Ibn ‘Arabi’s ideas. By delving into the most important cornerstones of Ibn ‘Arabi’s worldview, such as wahdat al-wujud (unity of existence), al-insan al-kamil (Perfect Human Being) and asma wa sifat (God’s Names and Attributes), this work provides a comparative study of their reception in the thought of major Kubrawi mystics, especially that of Najm al-Din Kubra, Sa‘d al-Din Hamuyah, Aziz al-Din Nasafi, Ala al-Dawlah Simnani and Sayyid ‘Ali Hamadani.

“Dr. Mesbahi is to be congratulated for providing a highly scholarly and accessible work on an important subject to which not enough attention has been paid until now…Scholars of Sufism should be grateful to the author for elucidating in a masterly fashion the link between the teachings of the Andalusian sage and the Kubrawiyyah Order…” – Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor of Islamic Studies, George Washington University

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