Stories of the Sahaba

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Title: Stories of the Sahaba
Author: Muhammad Zakariya Kandhalawi/Translated by Asim Ahmad
ISBN: 9781936157099
Publisher: Madania Publications

He rode into the magnificently decorated court of the Persian commander Rustam. A tattered scabbard was strapped around his chest and the spear hung from a scorched leather strap. Big, circular patches patterned his shield of cowhide. Rustam's sentries rushed to his mount and rugged at the reins. “Alright!” they said. He rode onto the golf embroidered rug, defiantly. He purposefully looked around until he found what he was looking for. Grabbing the thick cushions, he implanted them on his spear and fed the reins into the holes to tie his mount. Then, in quick motion, he struck his spear into the rug and lowered himself onto the ground. Rustam was awed by the odd behavior of the Bedouin. Could these be the same Arabs who lived as vessels of the Persian Empire? “What brings you here?”Rustam asked, “Allah sent us to take our humankind from servitude to creation to servitude to Allah,” the Sahabi Rabi R.A. replied, “and to bring humankind out from the drudgeries of this world toward the justice of Islam.”
This anthology features stories of the Sahaba R.A. to inspire us to illustrate the meaning of humanity and love for Allah and His last Prophet P.B.U.H. We must read these stories repeatedly and inculcate love for the Sahaba R.A. in our hearts, for love of Sahaba R.A. invites love for the blessed Prophet PBUH and love for the blessed prophet PBUH invites the love of Allah. The lives of the Sahaba RA were nonfictional saga of love for Allah, fearlessness, selflessness, valiance, humility, and austerity. Their mission: to secure the Din of Allah and preserve it until the Day of Judgment. They are an inspiration for the whole of humankind – Muslim or not – and teach us the true meaning of honor, justice, and peace. Had these inhabitants of the Next World not have been sent, this world would have come to an end, laid waste by the treacheries, ingredients, and conspires Mankind hatched on itself. “O Allah! If this group is destroyed, “the blessed Prophet PBUH prayed during the battle of Badr, “You will never be worshipped for all time.”
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