The Divine for Critical Minds: Inquiry Into God's Existence

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Title: The Divine for Critical Minds: Inquiry Into God's Existence
Author: Dr. Rehan Zaidi
ISBN: 9798986324203
Publisher: A Rumi Place

Inquiry into God's Existence

This work skeptically tackles a wide array of subjects relating to the existence of God through a stringent methodology that requires readers to take nothing for granted, question their foundational assumptions, and keep an open mind - all hallmarks of a rigorous, scientific approach.


"A detailed journey through the vast waters of science that unveils the logical rigor of theism. For those willing to think outside the narrow box of materialism, Dr. Zaidi's treatise is salient and edifying." - Faraz A. Khan, Lecturer in Islamic Theology, Zaytuna College


1. Setting the Grounds for Discussion
2. Divine Design
3. Cellular Origins
4. Beyond Physical
5. Real Miracles
6. Holy Scriptures
7. Genuine Prophets
8. Monotheistic Coherence

About The Author
Dr. Rehan Zaidi was born and raised in Canada as a Muslim. Despite a focus in the hard sciences he was equally fascinated by religion since high school, thus majoring in it as an undergraduate. After completing naturopathic medical studies, he lived throughout the Far and Middle East, immersed in their languages and traditional circles of knowledge. This book is a result of almost 20 years of exploring God in the East with the critical eye of the West.

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